Paul Holstein

February 3, 2015

We used Steve for several years so I think I’m well qualified to write about his work.

If you have the money to hire a personal chef, I would not hesitate to hire A Perfect Package.  It is a fantastic service that brought pleasure and convenience to our whole family.

My wife and I were having troubles coming up with healthy and tasty meals every single day of the week and we have two children.  This was causing us stress.  Since we owned our own business, we could afford to go out but didn’t want to get into bad habits and eat fatty food.  So we decided to try a personal chef instead.  Looking back on it, it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Studies have shown that when you spend money on time savers you are more likely to enjoy the purchase than if you buy things.  I can tell you that was definitely true for us.  We had much less stress and socialized much more around the dinner table than we ever did before.  Furthermore, we were always excited to have family and guests stay with us at our house.  All we had to do was tell Steve we had extra guests and he would plan accordingly.  Imagine how nice it is to ask your guests for their food preferences and then sit back and not worry about fulfilling those requests.  You can be sure they will be happy.

When we wanted to eat healthier, we consulted with a nutritionist who gave us some great suggestions.  Now, normally, nobody follows the nutritionist’s suggestions because they are so hard to prepare and don’t taste good.  But not with A Perfect Package.  All we had to do was give Steve the guidelines and he worried about how to achieve our goals and make it taste great.  For example, I hate most vegetables, but Steve would dice them and prepare them in the most pleasant way possible.  By combining them with great main dishes, I always ended up eating all my vegetables every night.

Since we had young children and both worked, we also ended up hiring a nanny to help care for them.  The nanny would cheerfully heat and serve all the meals that Steve had cooked in advance.  It was a great system.

My favorite items were his crab cakes, “funions”, salmon and pizzas (healthy ones).  But everything he did was great.  So don’t even hesitate, you will love this service.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

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