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Welcome to A Perfect Package and learning how you can save time to enjoy the things in life that will increase your level of lifetime happiness. A Perfect Package promotes a positive lifestyle change for clients so that they can focus on more important goals and desires. Below is an explanation of what a personal chef is and benefits to follow.

What is a Personal Chef?
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“A personal chef is a chef that goes to a client’s home and prepares meals for their client based on their needs and personal preferences. The chef purchases the ingredients, prepares the meal, and cleans up after the dinner. The menu is preplanned and discussed with the client, then prepared in their home…”

A Personal chef is not just for the wealthy and royalty, but has become very affordable for for individuals that insist on nutritious and flavorful meals for their families. At A Perfect Package Personal Chef Service, you will have the same chef every time. This will develop a relationship and allow your dietary preferences and needs to be polished and honed. Your chef’s credentials, resume and client reference list can be viewed on request.

  • Your personal chef will customize all menus for you prior to your scheduled cook dates at your home, yacht ( for those long excursions at sea ) or at the office (for those long days at the desk). Chef Steve cooks for every client and covers all of South Florida from West Palm Beach to Key West, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Your personal chef allows you the peace of mind to know that your food was prepared in a sanitary environment, by a highly trained and certified chef, versus a commercial kitchen that may or may not be up to your sanitary standards.
  • Your personal chef will shop for the finest and freshest available ingredients just hours before arriving. He will review the receipts showing origins and costs of your food items.
  • Your personal chef customizes all menus to meet the client’s needs and dietary goals. All menu components are food vacuum packaged to preserve freshness and extend shelf life by 3 to 5 times, at no extra charge.
  • Your personal chef will follow up your cook date and be at your full disposal at anytime with questions you might have. My regular clients also have top priority when it comes time to schedule special events on weekends such as holiday and cocktail parties.

There are many lifestyles which require different needs such as vegetarian, low carb, heart smart and the list goes on. Your personal chef will come to your home and prepare your meals tailored to your desires. When you go out to eat those meals are not prepared to fit the specific needs in your diet. Why not let Chef Steve customize your dining experience for you, in the safety of your own home. You also can take advantage of having your meals cooked offsite in a commercial kitchen, which is inspected by the Palm Beach county health department, then delivered right to your door at no extra charge. All menu components are vacuum packaged to extend freshness and shelf life guaranteed for one week that all food will stay fresh and pristine with out having to freeze anything. I would prefer all reheating to be done conventionally but all packaging materials are BPA free and are microwavable and boilable. This allows you to have your own Bistro in your home, with a customized menu written exclusively for you, within 15 to 20 minutes in the oven. Imagine all of the time you can save by not having to deal with planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, packaging, and cleaning up. After considering all the items discussed, hiring a Perfect Package personal chef Service should be worth more to you than what you had previously considered.

Chef Steve Highlight
"The five keys needed to open a perfect package containing a lifetime of happiness are: great food, wine, friends, health, and love." Chef Steve Jones CEC
  • Chef Steve Jones

    Chef Steve began his career in central Michigan at an early age knowing that being a successful chef was a lifetime aspiration. He graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in 1984 and went on to work for and study

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    A Perfect Package personal chef service offers clients the opportunity to concentrate on creating more time for you in your busy lifestyle and to key in on things that can bring happiness for today and the future.

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  • What People Say
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    “Steve is an excellent chef and an intelligent, trustworthy person. He has worked for my family for 5 years and I recommend him highly.” May 20, 2011

    Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

    Joanne Green hired Steve as a Personal chef in 2006 October 3, 2006

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